Why Blogging Is Essential To Help Your Business Grow

In today’s technology demanding, internet dominant world, companies must have a website with a current blog page if they want to grow their business. Most consumers will not even consider doing business with a company that doesn’t have a viable website. But just putting a page online isn’t enough. There are millions of web pages on the internet with more added every day.  For businesses to succeed, their website needs to engage customers. One of the best ways to do this is through regular blogging.

Blog pages have become a vital part of business and personal sites.  Creating high quality written content not only gets attention to your site, but it also creates an ongoing opportunity to generate more interactions that can turn into customers. Here is how a blog can help your business grow:

Inexpensive Marketing 

A blog is an inexpensive marketing tool that is used to attract consumers seeking your services.  Almost every method that a blog can be used online is free or significantly less expensive than other advertising methods. By posting weekly, biweekly or monthly blogs, you have the potential to reach out to a vast online audience.

Blogs are also not a one time only advertising method. Once a post is published, it will continue to generate traffic for weeks, months and even years. Not convinced? How many times have you searched a topic online only to see posts that are older by one or more years? Proper keyword optimization will ensure that your posts are seen long after they are written and published.

Build Relationships 

For businesses, blogs are a great way to build relationships with customers. By engaging viewers with useful information, blog content becomes the building blocks for developing relationships between business and client. People go online to look for information. If your blog can provide that information in a well written format, customers will come back to your site to fulfill their needs. An interesting blog can turn a simple consumer search into a lead for the entrepreneurs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

If you have ever talked to someone about blogs, then you have probably heard about SEO or keyword optimization. Using keywords that people commonly use in to search for information  is vital for promoting your blog. People who look for services online use specific words to find what they’re looking for. They do not look for company or brand names.  Keywords are used to optimize and rank your site on popular search engines. Using keywords properly in your blog posts is essential for helping your company page rank higher on search pages so more customers will see your page.

Many individuals are not up-to-date with current SEO practices and do not use keywords properly in content. This can actually hurt your business more than it helps. At From The Heart Communication Services, it is my job to stay up-to-date on all search engine methods. I stay on top of the ever changing practices used by search engines so that I can provide you with the best written content for your site.

Blogs And Social Media 

Blogs are a great marketing tool that can be easily shared and boosted on numerous social media sites to attract customers. By sharing your blog post on your social media, you can quickly and easily attract more visitors to your company.

Exposure is vital for marketing your company and services. The more opportunities you have to attract people to your website, the greater your chances are of turning them into customers. Blogging is an essential part of a website. Effective blog posts will help grow your company. There are many long term benefits of posting well written, interesting and SEO rich blogs.

At From The Heart Communication Services, I can help your business by writing high quality content for websites, newsletters, magazines and eZines. I have helped companies all over North America attract more clients by providing high quality written content.  Contact me today for your free estimate.

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