How Writer’s Can Help Businesses Grow During The Holidays

Today is Thanksgiving so I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss how writers can incorporate holiday seasons to help businesses grow.  Today is the first of many upcoming holidays that we’ll be celebrating in the next few months. For many of us, that means life is going to get very hectic.

Businesses are also going to see a change in their operations. Some companies will get very busy while others will slow right down. For writers, this time of year gives us new opportunities to create rich content that incorporates festive events with the company’s services and products. There are many ways that writers can use the holiday season to help businesses grow their client base.

Connect With New Customers 

Depending on what type of business you operate, many consumers might not relate your services or products to their celebrated days. As writers, we can create engaging articles to show consumers what your company can do for them during the holidays.  A great article will directly connect your industry with the holiday season in ways that readers never thought of.

Use Current Trends To Promote Business

Every season has trends or keywords that drive consumers when they are looking for information or products online. As a writer, it is our job to stay on top of the current social media and content marketing words that are dominating internet searches. Using the seasonal trending topics, writers can improve your SEO by creating content that will increase the traffic flow to your site.

Personalize The Company 

On business websites, most of the content written throughout the year is B2B or B2C focused. The articles directly connect your venue with fulfilling your clients needs. But this festive time of year gives companies a chance to show their more human side. The content can include a variety of topics including touching stories, holiday tips, charitable donation drives and appreciation messages for your customers.  A good writer will create high quality, engaging  content that incorporates a personal side of your brand.

Expand Search Optimization

This is a time of year when people are looking for more than just sales and services. They are looking for  creative gift ideas, advice or heartwarming stories of caring and sharing. By including these stories into your company blog, writer’s are able to expand your SEO and grow your customer base. We are not just reaching out to only those seeking your product but to a whole new audience as well.

Writer’s are a vital part of a team and are needed to provide ongoing, consistent and engaging content on your company website. Blogs remain a dominant part of internet marketing for business owners. During the holiday season, writer’s can create seasonal articles that will create a new marketing niche for your industry.  This will help your company grow and reach out to a new audience.

At From The Heart Communication Services, we have been helping businesses with their website content for several years. Contact us to find out how we can help you too.


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