7 Important Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Content Writer


In today’s digital and social age, hiring a content writer is essential. The writer is the member who creates engaging content for various online and hard copy media forums. The content that writer’s produce is usually the first contact that many consumers have with a business. The content promotes the company brand while providing useful and interesting information to the reader. It’s the beginning stages of a business -consumer relationship.

But with the literally thousands of professional writers available, what should a company look for in their writing staff?

Strong Writing Talent

A writer should be able to write high quality content that is original, engaging, and useful. The information should flow and be relevant to the industry.

Grammar and Spelling

Grammar and spelling skills have always been essential in writing. It’s even more important when written material is available to the public because the first thing the reader will notice are the errors. Poor spelling and grammar is not only damaging to the writer, but to the company that he/she is representing as well.


Good writer’s can find great topic ideas from a variety of sources. Some owners have ideas or topics they want in their blog, and, while it’s good to share this information, company owners are not and should not have to continually instruct their writing staff on what to write; that’s the writer’s job.

SEO Practices

Professional writers are knowledgeable with SEO practices and analytics. They keep up-to-date with the changing trends of the major search engines like Google analytics to ensure that their content is tracked by the search engines.

Company Voice

As great as a writer is, their tone and style needs to fit with the tone and style that the company wants to project. Some businesses want a friendly, conversational tone while others are looking for a more formal, professional tone. Before hiring any writer it’s important to decide first what type of voice you want to project and find a writer that can create that voice.


Some companies want their writing staff to have a formal education while other company’s are more focused on the actual product. While there is a lot of knowledge to gain from formal training, some of the best writers have never taken post secondary education. Hiring criteria should be a combined balance of training and experience.

Industry Knowledge

This is another area that company owners prioritize differently. While some owners want their writers to be very knowledgeable, others allow the to learn through research. Neither is wrong or right.  Before hiring writing staff, it’s important to decide how much experience or knowledge you want your writer to have about your industry.

Writer’s are an important part of today’s business world. Finding the right person to create the content that best represents your company’s values and needs is essential for grow. Before you start looking for a writer, decide what type of person you want to represent your company. The right person will help your business move forward to day’s media market.

At From the Heart Communication, we have experience writing compelling content on a variety of topics. We have helped many organizations and blog sites by producing rich, high quality articles. Contact us today to find out how we can help you too!

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