Thank You, Our Valued Clients, For a Wonderful Year of Content Creation


This weekend, Canada will be celebrating Thanksgiving. This is a time to get together with loved ones, count your blessings, dine on a fabulous feast, and celebrate everything you are thankful for.

At From the Heart Communication Services, we have a lot to be thankful for. This year we have:

·         Worked with a diverse group of companies and professionals all over North America and some places in Europe.

·         Continue to create weekly, biweekly, and monthly content for many wonderful professionals.

·         Wrote and published our first children’s book. While it’s not the first book that we have written, Saving Sunny is special because this one is our own project.

·         Created rich content for internet news forums; sharing personal stories and historical events.

·         Helped local organizations with their social media content and marketing strategies.

·         Interviewed interesting people from all over Canada as part of the articles we wrote and had published in various magazines.

·         Have met and worked with many amazing and talented professionals all over the world. We continue to have long term relationships that we have had the privilege to develop through our content creation.

·         Run effective and successful marketing campaigns for different internet sites and products.


We are thankful for every person, every opportunity, and every event we have been part of. As we look ahead to the rest of this year, and next year, we will continue to plan a bright future that includes working with great clients, creating engaging content, and continuing to grow as an online writing service.

Every client we work with is important to us. We have had the honour of creating rich, engaging content, developing effective marketing and social media campaigns, and, most importantly, being part of our local and global world. We have been involved in several charitable and professional events and have helped educate, inform, and entertain our readers.

This Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you for helping From the Heart Communication Services thrive as a business and be part of your personal and professional lives.

To our clients near and far, Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.






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