Moving a Loved One Into a Personal Care Home –  A Personal Journal

Hello and welcome! I have to start by saying that I have written and rewritten this blog post multiple times. Although I’ve been a writer for many years and usually never struggle to write a blog or article, this one’s different. This blog is personal. This post is the first of many I will write about my family’s ongoing experiences with personal care homes.

Moving someone into a personal care home is challenging, emotional, frustrating and sometimes complex. There is a lot you will never be told until are involved in the system. It is hard to find information and resources to help you navigate through this transitional stage. As a family, we often wish someone had told us what to expect when we had to move our family members into a care home. We are still learning as we go and finding the whole situation to be stressful, emotional, exhausting and frustrating at times.

Whether you have never gone through this experience before, have a loved one currently living in a personal care home, or are just starting to go through the process of panelling and moving a loved one into a PCH, I hope you find my blogs supportive, informative and a place to connect with others in similar circumstances.  I will also try to add some humour, but I should warn you, I’m admittedly not that funny, but I do try.

I’m also writing this blog for other reasons as well. It is important that our seniors and medically dependent loved ones have a voice. Our aging adults deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Family members should feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their loved ones in a place where they are properly cared for. Seniors, or adults who can no longer live independently, should have other options beyond institutional living.

So welcome to my blog! Don’t forget to follow me, leave comments, and, if you would like to share your own story as a guest blogger, let me know.


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