Book Publishing and Promotion

Welcome to the new page on our website. In this section, we will be focusing on e-books that we have written and published on Amazon. This is an exciting new venture that has been in the works for over a year. We hope our stories will bring just as much joy to our readers as they do to us.

The first series that we are working on is the Saving our Oceans Series. Each delightful story educates children and their caregivers about environmental issues facing our planet through the life and journey of a beautiful marine mammal. The first  book in the series is Saving SunnyThis fascinating tale is about a little harp seal pup, Sunny who becomes trapped in a garbage patch after his ice flow breaks. Follow Sunny’s road to recovery in this engaging e-book.

After each book is written, they go through extensive scrutiny and analysis by long time educators who work with children in elementary schools. The books are also subjected to the “child test”. Children in grades K – 4 are read (or read) the book to assess their interest and opinion on the story and illustrations.  Once the story, images and formatting have been approved by teachers and students, they are then published on Amazon.

These valuable books not only entertain, they also educate both adults and children about environmental issues related to pollution and waste through a heartwarming adventure.

At From the Heart Communication Services, we are proud to partner with agencies that work so diligently to protect this beautiful planet that we call home. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be going to help a charitable organization that focuses on ocean conservation.

This section is dedicated to the stories, issues, trends that our books are written about.   We will be focusing our content on every and all aspects of the book, publishing, conservation efforts, current trends, wild life and the agency(ies) that we support.

We hope you will find the blogs interesting and informative. Please feel free to comment on our posts. We always value hearing from our readers.

We also hope you will help promote our books by visiting Amazon to see our latest titles.  Our first book, Saving Sunny, is available now.  Our second story in the series, Helping Humphrey, in currently in the works and will be publishing it soon. We will update you as soon as it has been published.

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